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Nesting Eagles

While hundreds of eagles visit northwest Illinois during the winter, most move further north during the spring to nest. There are, however, a couple of dozen nesting pairs that remain in the area all year. For the past several years, I’ve had the pleasure of being able to document their nesting with my photography.

During this nesting season, this pair of eagles had two chicks, and both of them fledged.

My photos of nesting eagles are taken from further away than most of my other photos because I try to maintain a distance that does not cause stress to the birds or otherwise interfere with what they would be doing had I not been there.



‘05 Nest Gallery 1


‘06 Nest Gallery 1

IMG_2617eagle nest-6-7-08 copy

‘08 Nest Gallery


‘05 Nest Gallery 2


‘06 Nest Gallery 2


‘12 Nest Gallery

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